What’s the deal with Housing?

Written by Autism Edmonton’s Housing Coordinator, Drewe Rowbotham

What’s the deal with housing these days! Everyone needs it, however it’s always too expensive. Once you finally sell the shirt off your back to get it, you are so overwhelmed trying to keep it that you can’t organize the supports you need to live comfortably!

I wish there was a resource for folks to search various housing directories and then pair those options with independent living supports!

Wait there is!!!! https://autismalberta.ca/housing/

And another thing, why aren’t more places pet friendly? It seems like our furry friends have been unfairly labelled as liabilities. My cat keeps our neighbourhood voles and mice at bay as a free service to the community. Not to mention making me happy. I bet she would eat cockroaches too if I had them. And what about bedbugs: make sure you treat the surrounding units as well AND professionally! Dogs and cats naturally alert their owners to pest infestations, so you in turn can alert the landlord (as it is their responsibility to treat the problem). Pets are excellent pest remediators and should be treated with respect. No extra fees, provided they also respect the peaceful enjoyment of the property.

Speaking of the peaceful enjoyment of the property, kudos to the provincial government for simplifying and expediting the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Services. When landlords and tenants receive timely service regarding their concerns over tenancy breaches, all are better off. Know your rights: https://www.alberta.ca/residential-tenancies.aspx.

And another thing, peaceful enjoyment of the property is a covenant of every tenancy. If you have Autistic neighbours, they may be adversely affected by loud noises. To maintain the harmony of our community and permit introspective reflection, turn your music down, especially after 11pm. Peaceful enjoyment isn’t just about noise; odours can also be considered a nuisance. For Autistics, their sensory experience is heightened and can be unbearable: yes, I’m talking about the smell of dog poop! Be aware of your neighbours and promote tranquility.

The Center for Legal Education Alberta (https://www.cplea.ca/) is an awesome resource, full of helpful videos and articles.

Well, I guess I’ve said my piece, but not before I mention the Autism Housing Network of Alberta (email: housing@autismalberta.ca). We talk about the above and more. We are promoting the accessibility of housing options for Autistics across the province and are gathering resources to improve the quality of those housing opportunities. Let’s work together to create a friendly world where we live together in peace with our furry friends and neighbours, the fair application of law and respect for others.