Autism Related Podcasts – Some Recommendations!

Written by Alarie Guhle, Family Supports Coordinator – Autism Edmonton

I was so excited to write this article! I am a huge podcast person. I enjoy the fact that it feels like I’m having a conversation with someone else, everywhere I go.

The first podcast I started listening to is called Oh, that’s just my autism. The podcast actually follows a timeline of a mother in her 40s, realizing she may be autistic and the process she went through to discover that, and the process of getting diagnosed. The episodes are usually between 15-20 minutes, which worked great for myself as I usually lose interest in a podcast after the 30 minute mark. This gave me such a great insight of what it could be like, being an adult and discovering you are autistic. The podcast also really feels like you’re sitting down and having coffee with a friend. It feels a lot more like a chat and discussion, rather than being told facts and figures.

Speaking of facts and figures. The next podcast I’ve really grown a liking for is called “The Autism Little Learners podcast.” This is one I’ve shared with friends, professionals, and families. This podcast is done by an SLP who runs her own communication based classroom. In this podcast it gives you some really great ideas and tricks to come up with strategies to help support young autistic kiddos. There are episodes about visual supports, self-regulation, and functional play.

Lastly, “Embracing Autism” is the last podcast I took a deep dive into. This is a podcast by two neurodivergent parents raising two autistic children. The podcast has been putting out episodes for about a year and a half. They guide you through the early years of their toddlers getting diagnosed and challenges they have faced as they have grown up. This podcast covers almost every topic that parents go through and struggle with like schooling, stigmas, masking, and sleep.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I have!